this jump starter can start up to 5.0L for car

flashlight uses XPG 2 generation 5-watt LED beads, with high brightness, long range and other characteristics. Emergency lights use 32 LED beads, which have the characteristics of high brightness and large lighting space. There are 24 red and blue LED beads for warning lights, which are practical. USB output, meet the emergency charging of various digital products. The cylinder body of the product is designed with high strength aluminium alloy, which has good performance of anti-falling, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. The key is designed by mis-touching to prevent power consumption of the product due to mis-touching. The core function of the product is automobile emergency start-up, which can be used as emergency start-up for private cars with less than 6.0 displacement and diesel vehicles with less than 2.4 displacement. The built-in polymer 60C high-rate 9900 mA battery can be used for flashlights to work 24 hours continuously, emergency lights to work for 6 hours continuously, and automobiles with 1.4L-6.0L displacement can start 10 to 100 times in emergency. This product is suitable for family reserve, field hunting, exploration, outdoor camping, self-driving enthusiasts, car players, private cars and so on