Ten years of hard work to achieve a great product

I’m Huang Zhihui, boss of GHS. It’s been ten years since the flashlight was made. I recently developed a product. Drain for a year and a half. It’s beginning to work. Send a picture. Let’s have a look. This product looks like a flashlight. It’s not a flashlight. This is a Vehicle Jump-starter.

The car starting power is when the car can’t start without electricity (due to aging battery, long-term didn’t use, cold or hot weather), it can start your car. This product can be used for gasoline Vehicles under 5:00. I am doing product test. I’ve tested the 4000cc Nissan Toure, removed the car battery, and started it 12 times in a row. It’s a little hot. The smart clip is protected. I want to know the limit of this product, so I found a 2400cc honda accord to continue the limit test. After playing more than 20 times, I can continue to use it for more than two hours. I can confidently tell you the GHS when you need it It will help you,


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