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New model for Vehicles Jump-starter+Emergency light+Warning light

GHS60c multi-function vehicle starting power supply. We can see now that most of the multi-functional products are basically designed to attract people’s attention, which has no practical significance. The GHS multi-function vehicle starts every function of the power supply. They are as powerful as professional products and meet the real needs of users.
First, the starting power supply of the vehicle can be used for gasoline vehicles under 5000cc and diesel engines under 2500cc.

Flashlight is the core technology of GHS, so the flashlight function of GHS multi-functional vehicle starting power supply is as strong as that of professional strong light flashlight, with strong light for six consecutive hours, weak light for fifteen hours, and flash for more than fifteen hours.

GHS multi-function car starting power flashlight also has the function of emergency light. When an accident suddenly occurred, the power equipment was damaged and appeared in a dark environment. It can provide emergency lighting for 6 consecutive hours. Whether in the living room or room, the lighting effect can reach 80% of the normal household lighting. Or in the wild, when we enjoy the beautiful time given by nature together with our family and friends, don’t forget to take it with us. The continuous lighting time of its strong light is more than 6 hours. Weak light can also reach more than 10 hours.

Warning light, warning light this function is very important. Because when we drive out or long distance, we always encounter such and such problems, when we encounter vehicle failure, or when there is a slight collision on the highway. We will put a red warning triangle, which will make the drivers of the vehicles behind us not see clearly. The warning light of GHS multi-functional vehicle starting power can recognize that you are safer in an emergency, and the red and blue flashing warning lights can improve the vigilance of the vehicles behind you.

GHS multi-function car start power supply, because built-in high-capacity batteries, so we add a backup power function is the power bank. Because our battery is 9900 MAH polymer lithium battery with high rate and capacity, it can fill Apple mobile phone for more than three times in a row.

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