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GHS China professional flashlight factory makes your favorable LED Torch flashlight .

LED Torch flashlight . With the increasing demand for people’s lives, a variety of LED Torch flashlights have appeared on the market. As is known to all , it has traditional plastic flashlight , aluminum flashlight ,uv flashlight and etc . Those flashlight have their advantages and disadvantages .

LED Torch flashlight with plastic

This plastic flashlight has appeared in a large area such as in Southeast Asia countries . Bangladesh , Malaysia , Indonesia , Cambodia , India for example . Those countries are lacking electricity for basic daily life. And it has bulk needs of lighting when night falls . Such flashlights occupied most of the flashlight industry in these countries at a bargain price. Both commodities has Strengths and weaknesses . It has disadvantages of  easy-broken ABS materials  , lower brightness , irreplaceable low lifespan battery … In those reason , more and more terminal users are trends to select more efficiency led torch flashlight. Such as…

Aluminum LED Torch flashlights .

GHS Mini CREE G-4 Anti-fall Aluminum Rechargeable Camping LED Light

From the materials : GHS  LED Torch flashlight occupys high-grade durable aviation class Aluminum .Through the precise processing via the CNC machine , it has a beautiful appearance and use experience. It will surely  normally work after rolling by vehicle several times .

SC Torch light LED Flashlight Factory

As for LED lighting sources : GHS LED Torch flashlight adopting newest optical refraction cup & glass , which makes it high focus with long distance lighting effects . 3 w CREE LED , is covered by pure cooper on pc board . And it helps to connect with battery and LED bulb . It also with better Conductive properties .

LED Torch flashlight

As for power source : GHS LED Torch flashlights all apply 3.7v 2000 mah Rechargeable & Replaceable Lithium ion battery . 1300 times deep cycle charge & discharge lithium battery . Surely the lifespan of this Aluminum flashlight will be at least 5-7 years .

With over 10 years experiences in flashlight manufacturing industry , therefore GHS invented this item to replace the plastic flashlight in the market .  So that more and more terminal users & distributors & wholesalers  were shifted plastic flashlight industry to this Mini Aluminum LED Torch flashlight industry .To know more about this product , click here please .

GHS Flashlight factory wish you a better life .


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