How many times GHS torch light can be dropped

The real story about the GHS torch lights

Torch Lights

In mid of October, we have received a phone call from Mr. S , he required us to send a torch lights charger to him. Which is able to pair the torch lights he sends to our company by express. Than repeatedly that it must be an original charger paired with the appropriate model , no matter how much would be paid. during the time, I thought , we are using the normal charger . Even if he can buy from the grocery .

Why did he persisted to get from us ? Few minutes Later, he told me that the flashlight for him we give to him when we established the Dubai branch . Mr.S was working at high altitudes over a dozen meters of high pole. The flashlight is dropped to the ground hundred  times from the top but did not damage any accessory . Every parts still in perfect mood of lighting . The high quality of GHS torch light astounded Mr. S . And he  decided immediately  to recommended  us to his brothers whom are also in torch light industry . In his eyes , GHS torch light is trustworthy and worthy to cost time and money to get even for an original charger  .

Torch Lights

Everyday we can get updates from our clients and agents about the torch lights . Their satisfaction supports us to the higher standards of production and brighter future . We anticipating that we will never let the world in dark. Click here to contact us.

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