How’s GHS SC Torchlight’s waterproof capability ?

GHS SC Waterproof Torchlight

GHS SC Waterproof Torchlight, the first time on the manager’s Wechat moments zone i did not see this picture and did not mind. Few days earlier our company ready to do products album and E-catalog. I suddenly remembered the effect can be drawn from this picture zone. When I took the flashlight ready to put on the edge of fish tank, but it failed no matter how hard i tried. Then I wondered how to make it possible. And then checked carefully at the picture. All the original flashlight were placed in the tank upright in the water. The moment I got first cognizance of GHS torch light , that is WATERPROOF .

GHS SC Waterproof Torchlight

Lighting effects (100% real photo )

GHS SC Waterproof Torchlight are all using precision waterproof ring and High-Tech warerproof charging port . So as to can working normally under in the water tank , raining days , or any environment . From ths picture 2, that is a raining day ,around 9 :00 pm. We are tooking photo about our SC waterproof torch light , suddenly , we remembered there has a water tank downstairs of our company .So that we carried two cameras and torchlight immediately to the water tank .

The lighting effects of our sc waterproof torch lights astounded everyone ,even security guys was stop his steps and taken some photos to share with his friends . We can easily to see the strong lights working under water . Few hours passed , we picked up the torchlight from watertank .It still in the perfect working mode . Lighting effects is as strongly as when few hours earlier . To switch of the torchlight and open this torchlight , no any sign of  leak water .

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